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About us

SAFEROAD Czech Republic s. r. o.

Our company is one of the main suppliers of products and solutions to ensure road safety in Europe. Our mission is to develop safe, innovative and sustainable solutions that will protect and promote people on the go, let them go on foot, ride a bicycle or car.

We are the producer and importer of guardrails systems, bridge parapets, crush cushions, passive safety elements and materials for road markings. We also provide the services in regards with road marking (including temporary Traffic-engineering measures) and winter maintenance. SAFEROAD apply inovative solutions, which determine the new standarts in this branch. We offer the new products, which meet the strictest requirements.

The mission of SAFEROAD group is „Vision Zero“ - no deaths and no injuries in traffic accidents.

SAFEROAD Czech Republic s.r.o. provide:

  • Sales and installation guardrails and bridges parapets
  • Sales and installation of end terminals and crash cushions
  • Realisation and sale of materials for road markings
  • Sales, installation and rental of traffic signs
  • Realisation of projects of traffic engineering measures
  • Realisation asphalt sealants
  • Winter maintenance of roads
  • Sales of street furniture
  • Rental equipment Events

history of our company

Our company was established in 1995 under the name FLOP - dopravní značení, s. r. o. At the beginning we focus on the renting of traffic signs including installation. Then we started with installation traffic signs, mirrors, light lines and traffic lights.

Since 1. January 1997 our company had worked as an independent legal entity, which belonged to owner Pavel Foltýn. The range of activity of our company continually had grown, which mean that our company had to increase the number of employees and technical equipment.

The year 2002 was a turning point for our company. In this year almost whole area of Czech Republic was affected by floods including our headquarters, which was situated near the river Úslava. Water damaged our technical equipment and materials stock.

In the following year the company have moved to the new area, which is situated in Sulkov. In the same time was begun construction of the new areal. This areal was finished in 2005. Year by year, the company had grown and we had realized, that our company was not able to exceed the limits by itself. Based on this fact, we had started thinking of the possible development of cooperation with foreign companies.

In June 2010 we have united with multinational company SAFEROAD. This merge caused, that the prestige of our company grew up on the international and Czech market. This very important change allowed to gain a new technology and products to portfolio of our company.

In 1. June 2015 our company did a very big step. Since this date we have become the fully part of the holding SAFEROAD, which resulted in a change to business name FLOP - dopravní značení, s. r. o. to SAFEROAD Czech Republic s. r. o. This name we have proudly accepted. Our mother company SAFEROAD currently has 2,600 employees in 23 countries.


Company´s magazine - saferoad news

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Saferoad News

Documentation of IMS

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