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Road marking

We provide road marking by color or plastic. We offer high level of expertise and flexibility to requirements of each client (color area, symbols, sounding and vibration effect, non-reflective finish etc.). We standardly provide road marking in retro-reflective finish in according with applicable law.



GRAVIPLAST 200 is a thermoplastic material of white color, which is used for the road marking with profiled surface. It can be used on the roads, parking areas and on the other bituminous types of the roads. The realization is very fast and it is not necessary to close the roads during realization. The road marking realized by Graviplat 200 is very accurate, therefore there are no peaks, stains and other imperfections even after several kilometers of road markings.

Graviplast 200 is applied by special machine on the dry and clean surface. Ambient temperature and temperature of surface must be higher than 5 °C and the relative humidity can not be higher than 80%. Is recommended to apply the thermoplastic material after 2 - 4 weeks after realization of wearing course.

We offer 20 kg packet in the thermo-soluble packaging (not waste).

For more information please contact our sales department. 



This is a special technology of plastic cold drawn enriched by special admixture of retroreflective strewing and liquid catalyst. This new technology is used for line road marking and is characterized by a very fast application and a very long life. The life of the road marking realized by plastic cold drawn is 10 years without reparing. The plastic cold drawn has 3 times less costs in comparing with the other technologies.

For more information please contact our sales department.